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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Ocean Bedroom!?!?

  I recently started helping a friend re decorate her bedroom. She loves the serenity that the beach brings, so she wanted an ocean theme. Lucky for her, I happen to have some good ideas every so often, and this was one of those good idea occasions!

   We started with new paint. Her bedroom was painted a flat tan color and since she had only one window it made her room very dark. After what seemed like weeks in the project store, we came back with several paint swatches in light blues to replicate the sky and water of a tropical paradise. We finally settled on a Sherwin Williams paint in "Swimming". It was the perfect mix of light blue but not overly blue or white. This color brightened the room a bunch!

   I also looked through my pictures of Hawaii and found a couple of fun beach ones and blew up my favorite to poster size. I then laminated it and placed it behind an old window and window frame and we affixed it to the wall to give the illusion of a window overlooking a beautiful beach setting. I also had some good pictures I had taken of some of the tropical flowers and fit those to different sized frames and hung those as well. She really liked these ideas, and they really brought some feeling into the room!

Shell Night Lights, BathroomWe looked at ocean themed decor as well. Such as some star fish, fish net, shells, wind chimes, and we even found some great shell nightlights! We hung the net on the wall above the head of the bed in a half folded, kind of wall hanging way and added some of our new decorations and hung the wind chime in the corner. It all started to look very much like a paradise!

   Then there was the bed. Oh how I hated her bed. It was just so blah. It was a beach themed bedroom! It needed some SPUNK! This is where Craigslist comes in, they have everything! I went on a boat hunt. Not a nice boat, but an older wood boat, just wide enough to fit a queen bed into it. I could cut off the bottom to make it work!

   After almost two weeks of searching, I found it! We did have to cut the bottom a bit but it was worth it! (She wasn't going to get a hammock like I suggested!) We sanded it down, and repainted it a deep brick red color with some similar to the room blue, and then re sanded it for a "worn" look. It was perfect! Now to get it in the room! This boat caused us so much trouble! It didn't want to fit in the door, and the shape of the boat made for a VERY tight fit of the mattress! Either way I won the battle, and the boat lost and it's water days are long gone.

  Plants are one of my favorite things to add anywhere. Not fake silk plants, but real live plants! We headed to the nursery to find some neat tropical plants for the bedroom. After several hours of questions, and heat stroke we decided on some palm trees, and some other big leaf plants. Once placed in her room, they really finished the look off and made it feel so much like a paradise. I just wanted to grab a book and hang out! This really was a fun project and I would love to work on another very soon!

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