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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hermit Crab Shells

Seashells; other uses such as decorative Hermit Crab shells and more

Hermit Crab with painted shell Other uses for seashells include for use as Hermit Crab homes.

These popular and relatively easy to keep pets can be “dressed up” with colorful shells such as the one on the left.

Painted shell display on the beach
Painted seashell vase Colorful or any seashell can also be used to spice up a coffee table and add a “colorful” ocean/beach touch to your home décor as well.

Painted Snail shells, hermit crab homes Here is a source for painted snail shells from India:

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ocean, Beach Decor Displays

There are many ways to display ocean or beach décor for many occasions whether a simple “get together”, wedding reception, or simply to give a room an interesting “nautical feel”.

Some of the simplest ways are table settings such as these:

Ocean decor table settingHere are some simply placed ocean themed trinkets.

Subtle lighting is often the key to a nice display, whether candle light of subdued electrical lights

Ocean decor table display This type of aquatic themed decor makes a nice conversation piece on a coffee or end table.

Shells Placemats are a nice idea for table settings

Seashell baskets Shell baskets make a very simple display, especially for bathroom shelves

Ocean décor wall banner
Banners such as this that hang on a wall and are excellent décor for a young child or nursery.

Ocean decor mirror, window display You can also spice up a room with large aquatic decals that stick to non porous surfaces such as mirrors or windows.

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