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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Patio Ocean, Beach Decor

Patio/Enclosure Beach, Ocean or Nautical Themed decorating

With Fall here and Winter around the corner, you do not need to give up on Beach, Ocean or Nautical themed decorating ideas for your home, even if you live in a cooler climate where “free time” moves indoors for the cooler weather.
It is also worth considering with Christmas around the corner that nautical or ocean themed gifts often make an unusual or out of the ordinary gift for your friends/relatives that love the sea and nautical/ocean themes instead of the usual fare of candy boxes, etc.
(Please click on the picture above left to enlarge for a better view)

One popular idea that works well is Sea Shell Wind Chimes placed on a covered patio or even an open patio. If you have an enclosed patio, even in up state Michigan for instance you can still add a shell wind chime such as the Capiz, Spiral, or Birdcage/ Nipa Hut (as seen in the patio picture).
Sea Shells such as Pink Murex or Trochus seashells arranged on a ledge or shelf can also add a splash of ocean/beach feeling to your patio/enclosure.

Patio Pond Another thought to add to this room is a Patio Pond.
A simple Sponge Filter such as the Hydro Pond 2 can filter this then add some Platties or Shubunkins to finish off this room. Whether you live in North Dakota or California this can really add a nice touch of the sea to your patio area

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