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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hello Summer Luau!


Summer is here, and what better way of celebrating it than with a summer luau? 

  I recently had one and thought I would share some ideas with you!  To start, you MUST have the proper decor!

   Think shell wind chimes, fish nets, leis, shells, sand, starfish, and shrimp kabobs!

My house has an upstairs deck that is accessed through my living room.  So to set the mood for our festivities and guests, I started my decorating outside in the front where people would park.  I hung some nice wind chimes, and also had my boys welcome everyone with an "aloha" and a lei.  They were wearing their Hawaiian shirts, khaki pants and flip flops.  (They were so handsome!)  We asked everyone to wear their Hawaiian style clothing and flip flops! 

   As guests passed through the house they passed a lot of orchids, and bromeliads until they found the bar fully decorated with old recycled fish nets, adorned with starfish, shells, old glass floats and sand dollars.  There were some shells and sand on the bar top as well as some candles.  After receiving their “Blue Hawaii” drinks adorned with flowers and citrus fruit they would meander their way onto the deck where they would choose their seat and mingle.

   The tables had sand in the centers with either shells, candles, starfish, or a combination of a couple.  I also brought out all my tropical indoor plants to give it a more tropical feel!  It was perfect!

    The day was perfect here in Oregon, a rare occurrence, so it was warm, yet a bit breezy.  You could smell the BBQ grilling our sweet and spicy shrimp and vegetable kabobs.

Shrimp Kabobs, sweet and spicy kabobs, luau

  Along with our Hawaiian kabobs we had a fresh fruit salad, sweet bread, and cream mochi for dessert.

   When everyone was done eating we had some fun dancing, along with a hula dance competition, and the limbo!  For the hula dance, we provided grass skirts which added some fun to the whole event!

   It was a fun evening, and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves!  I think this may become an annual event from now on!

  I hope you are able to use some of these fun ideas!

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