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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Seashells in Gel Candles

Seashells are excellent inserts for gel candles. Using some shells of different type, starfish, sand and artificial fish you can create most amazing seascape candles. There are hundreds of different seashells types. Cones, helmets, tritons and conchs are the most popular for making gel candles. All seashells are heat and fire resistant, so you can safely use them as inserts.

You should be sure to learn a little about seashells before buying them, or you can be taken advantage of because of your ignorance of the subject. Often people pay ridiculous amounts of money for absolute junk. For example, those same sand dollars that one can find in droves on the sea shores of the San Francisco bay area are sold for 5, 10, or even more dollars. Of course it is an effort to find them and clean them up, but if you know anything about seashells and other marine products, you should compare your options and make wise purchases.

Conch Shells on stand Experts will tell you that a good conch shell is worth buying. These shells really are treasures of the sea. They are large and suitable as a center point of your candle composition. They also have an intricate and beautiful design. Also you can actually hear the sea in them if you hold them to your ear, which unfortunately would do you no good if your conch shell is inside a candle.

As well as for gel candles, seashells can be found, bought or ordered for all kinds of purposes. Some people use them for decorations in collage. You can also use sea shells to adorn jewelry and clothing, as ornamental soap trays, as wall hangings. They also make excellent wind chimes.

Beautiful seashells that are used in art and home design begin their life as the homes of crabs, clams, mussels, and the like. Many people are fascinated by seashells since childhood. Gazing into that deep blue sea, which could help being fascinated by the intricate and amazing existences of the creatures that live inside it. And in your gel candle seashells will look intriguing and delightful.

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