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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ocean Decor Articles

Here are a few Home Decorating ideas and articles I found dealing with Ocean or Beach themed decor:

Nautical, sea shell themed wreath for home decoratingOne idea is to use a hot-glue gun to attach sea shells to accessories including mirrors, lamps, and picture frames. The wreath to the left is made using seashells, driftwood, etc. on a wooden (or even heavy cardboard) frame.

Browse through nautical decor stores to pick up anchors, buoys and crab traps to decorate your home. Wooden floors can be matched to the cabinetry and enhanced with colorful runners. Use fish netting, nautical clocks, rope ladders and brass lanterns to good effect. Use mirrors with nautical frames like ship wheels, life rings and starfish.

Here is very unique article:

Create Ocean Enchantment with Under the Sea Decor

Here is a snip (please click above for the full article):
"Under the waves, where fish swim and play, sea creatures are gathering…for a wondrous birthday! We’ve gathered everything you need to decorate and celebrate in an enchanted world, under the sea."

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