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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Ocean decorating brings the sea right to your home, whether it is Shell wind Chimes, Seashell night lights, or seashells around the dining table or picnic.
Ocean decor is great way to remember a trip to Hawaii, the Caribbean, a romantic night out dining on the wharfs of San Francisco, or just a trip to a local beach.

Sea shells also add a nautical theme to your aquarium, chase away cold winter nights, or add beauty to your summer motif.
Most seashells are collected by non-desructive means; these are usually dead shells that wash up on the shore. The same cannot be said for many corals, which is why i personally carry only synthetic coral now!


Beautiful seashell night lights

Shell Wind Chimes Beautiful Sea Shell Wind Chimes; Add an ocean feel to your garden or home with one of these wind chimes! Stairway (spiral), Capiz, pangansin, jellyfish red, lighthouse and more.

A great resource for links to aquarium information, directories, and products.

Shells, Ocean Decor Unique shell night lights. Ocean decor from starfish and puffer fish; ocean jewelry (shark tooth, puka, pahua, pearl); to shell placemats, mirrors, coin purses, nautilus and murex shells and more.

ARTIFICIAL AQUARIUM CORAL AND DECOR. Synthetic aquarium coral, aquarium decor; including castles and plants.

AQUARIUM PUMPS A great place to purchase your aquarium, pond or fountain pumps.

Fish As Pet A Blog about the benefits and rewards of having an aquarium.

SHELL BASKETS -A great alternative gift basket to candy or food. Prices start at $4.59

SHELL NIGHT LIGHTS- Google Groups - A Google group about ocean decorating around the home and garden.

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