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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ocean Wedding.... Inland!


   Planning a wedding is always a stressful thing to do, and you always want everything to be perfect.  Here, I will give you some great, simple ideas for an ocean themed wedding.  Hopefully, if this is a theme you are going for, I can make your planning a bit easier! 

   I think the ocean theme is a great one!  Some simple center pieces for your tables could be sand buckets with sand poured onto the table.  (Half in the bucket and half on the table.)  You can adorn the sand with starfish, shells, sand dollars, and even a sand shovel. 

  You can decorate the walk way with old recycled fish nets with shells, glass floaters, sand and starfish as well.  You can hang beautiful shell wind chimes throughout your venue as well as giving small windchimes away as a favor.  They are beautiful, useful, and inexpensive!  Your attendees will cherish them. 

  Don't stop at the venue!  Do your invitations in ocean theme.  Add a smidge of sand to them with a picture of a beautiful sunset over the ocean to tell them of your special day!  When the day arrives, decorate your directional signs as well!  Lets get these folks excited for your wedding!  You don't even have to write on the signs!  Just have big pictures of sunsets and beautiful beach paradises with arrows to follow.  Trust me, they will follow!

   When your guests arrive, lei them and give them a flower for their hair, or shirt pocket.  They can then mingle with others and talk about how nice it is to be in your tropical paradise!  When they are ready, they can find their spot by the creative name tags you have placed on the tables! 

   Some ideas would be to write everyones name in elmers glue on the name tags, and pour sand on them until it dries.  Then simply shake off the sand, and voila!  Sand name tags! 

   You could print the names with different sea creatures on them.  You could even make a game of this by seeing who can guess what their creature is.  Better make them creative, no jellyfish allowed!

   The ideas really could go on, and on, so I will spare you the babble!

   Do you have any other fun ideas?



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