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Monday, October 05, 2009

Beach and Ocean Themed Decorating

Beach and Ocean Themed Decorating Ideas: Dioramas, bathroom, garden, beach parties, crafts, gifts, feng shui and more

One way to bring back memories of a summer at the beach, a trip to Hawaii, the Caribbean is through beach themed decorating and crafts for the kids.

I like to start with the bathroom (for me the most obvious room to start with); there you can add pictures, either sketches or framed photographs to the walls. I think enlarging your own picture (especially if it includes the family) looks best. Towels with starfish, seahorses, seashells, of fish look great. Again, as with the picture, I think it can be more enjoyable for the family if you start with plain towels and wash clothes, then sew on or embroider your own beach or ocean themed designs. With bathroom drapes you can even glue small starfish to give a realistic look to the bathroom ocean motif.

Soaps can also have a beach theme. Place your soaps in a shell container, or even make decorative soap by carving your own designs in them (Ivory soap works great for this). A fishing net embedded with starfish (or even a puffer fish) hung near the tops of the walls really brings home the beach theme for me. Then there are decorative shell baskets (which are easy to find on-line). These seashell baskets can be placed on shelves or just the toilet reservoir. A final touch to the walls would be a shell night light to add evening illumination to the bathroom (my favorite is the Pink Murex). One more suggestion if one is feeling industrious is the flooring. You can find linoleum tiles that have fish, shells, or anything beach related and place these on the floor to finalize your bathroom.

A wet bar (or even a full bar) can have a nautical theme as well. An authentic fish net (of which previously used fish nets are readily available) can be draped around and/or behind the front of the bar. On this net dried starfish, seashells (such as Spider Conch), etc can be glued or hung on this net to provide a really cool nautical theme to your bar.

One more thought for the home is using shell wind chimes, ocean décor, or aquariums for Chinese Feng Shui. I personally do not believe in this, however without insulting my Asian friends who do, this along with a home fountain is a popular way of achieving this.

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